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23Beauty Paris

Disinfectant Moisturizing Spray

Disinfectant Moisturizing Spray

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Replace your anti-bacterial gel? Yes, with our unique formula for this spray, based on floral waters, cane sugar and octenedin, Cosmos certified and 100% of natural origin, a certified virucide formula. Hygiene, hydration, protection and care in a single spritz. An alcohol-free alternative to hydro-alcoholic gels that prolongs the life of your nail polish!

What is octenedine? An innovative active ingredient for powerful antiseptic action.

- 98% of natural origin - Yuka 93/100 -
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  • Vegan et packaging Eco Responsable
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Un pschitt, on frotte 2 secondes, pour une peau désinfectée, adoucie et apaisée. Dites au-revoir au gel anti-bactérien asséchant.

Nous sommes 100% made in France : de la formule, au packaging, à nos partenaires. Nous sommes inclusifs et travaillons avec tous nos collaborateurs en ce sens : origine, âge, genre, handicap.

Citrus Aurantium Amara Flower Water. Propylene Glycol. Glycerin. Levulinic Acid. Chlorphenesin. Sodium Levulinate. Aqua (Water). Ethylhexylglycerin. Sodium hydroxide. Linalool. Octenidine HCL.

Formule certifiée virucide

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Vegan Nail Polish and Natural Care Rituals: Conscious Beauty, Made in France

Discover elegance without compromise with our range of vegan nail polishes at 23Beauty Paris. Our polishes not only feature vibrant colors, but are also designed with a deep commitment to ethical beauty. Combined with our natural, plant-based and sensory care rituals, our products offer you a holistic beauty experience.

Exceptional Vegan Nail Polish:
Immerse yourself in a world of color with our vegan nail polishes. Each shade is carefully chosen to allow you to express your unique style. In addition to their remarkable shine, our varnishes are certified vegan, excluding any ingredients of animal origin and any testing on animals, labeled PETA. Opt for beauty that respects life in all its forms.

Natural and Plant Care Rituals:
Complete your beauty routine with our natural care rituals, made from premium plant-based ingredients. Our formulas respect nature and offer you a unique sensory experience. Discover the harmony, benefits of our ingredients and the gentleness of care that respects your skin.

Unparalleled Sensory Experience:

Each product we offer embodies a unique sensory experience. From textures to aromas, our treatment rituals take you on a sensory journey, awakening not only your outer beauty but also your inner well-being.

Made in France, Parisian brand:
Parisian brand, all our products are made in France. Our commitment to made in France is reflected in the quality of our vegan nail polishes and our natural care rituals.

Explore our range of vegan nail polishes and immerse yourself in the sensory world of our natural care rituals. At 23Beauty Paris, beauty becomes a celebration of your well-being.

Experience ethical beauty. Choose 23Beauty Paris.

eyes NAILS lips

Le vernis à ongles, ma touche beauté ! Tout comme mon rouge à lèvres, mon mascara ou mon fard à paupières. Chez 23Beauty Paris, il m'accompagne tous les jours.