Conscious Beauty: inclusion, transparency, and ethics

23Beauty Paris, a Conscious Beauty brand.

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Conscious Beauty: Creating a nail polish or hand care brand can be quick. On the other hand, when you want to create a brand that has values ​​and commitments, the process is longer and more expensive.

Despite the obstacles that presented themselves to us, we held on and managed to surround ourselves with professionals in the sector allowing us to bring our project to fruition.

23Beauty Paris is not an organic brand, and does not have an “official” label. For what ? Because none brings together all our values, all our words, everything we wanted to tell you.

On the other hand, the term “Conscious Beauty” corresponds well to what we want. Conscious beauty.

Conscious on several levels:

  • We want to apply products to our skin that are not harmful to it
  • We want to reduce our ecological impact
  • We don't want any maligned ingredients in our nail polishes (10free)
  • We offer a fair price
  • We choose effective ingredients, natural ingredients in all our references, and clean care (for our oils).

We take care of ourselves and our entire environment.


  • It's time to change the situation and bring another vision of beauty. Whether in terms of ingredients, discourse and representation. Here, no greenwashing, false promises, hidden ingredients, or guilt. Facts, just facts and values. Conscious Beauty.


What is our definition of inclusion?

  • All beauties are welcome
  • For all ages
  • Of all kinds
  • No matter the body types

How does this come to fruition at 23Beauty Paris?

  • Our teams and our partners reflect our values. We are a team of women and men of various ages and origins
  • We want to highlight all skin types during our shoots. Beauty does not stop at thirty-somethings, nor at skin that meets beauty standards. Our skin tells us and represents who we are, what's the point of hiding it just because it's not smooth and young?



We have values ​​and we stick to them. Our nail polishes, and our treatments, are there to please you while taking care of you and the planet.

Whenever we can, we eliminate packaging. We favor recyclable materials



We work with a laboratory located in France which benefits from more than 20 years of expertise in terms of varnishes.

To create our brand, we surrounded ourselves with qualified beauticians for nail care, and scientists for formulation and regulations.

23Beauty Paris, Conscious Beauty nail polish brand, Clean, transparent, inclusive, and ethical


We do not want to adopt “fear marketing” by making people feel guilty, or by adopting a discourse that denigrates other brands.

Whenever possible, we integrate natural ingredients into our treatments. Our formulations scrupulously respect market regulations.

We have found the balance between responsible formulation and quality of our range. Our varnishes are 10free and contain castor oil & our treatments are clean.

“Each of our references bears the name of a city, place, or country which has touched us, inspired us, which is close to our hearts.

Paris, Seoul, Tokyo, Abomey, Ylläs or even Anse Noire, discover the stories behind our colors and our treatments.”


Do you like nail art ? Find our latest looks from 23Beauty Paris, your vegan nail polish brand made in France. With our fine brush, master your manicure like a pro. Rest assured our models are easy to reproduce. Some will require more dexterity. To help you, you can consult our guide on Instagram which presents our video tutorials.

To discover the colors used for each nail art, or manicure inspiration, simply click on the image and the references will appear. So which one are you going to test?