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What should I do if I have a white spot on my nail? How to get rid of it?

When you have just removed your nail polish, or it is simply time to take care of your hands, you discover with fear that a white spot has appeared on one or more of your nails? Don't panic, we'll explain everything to you!

Why do I have a white spot?

This discoloration that appears suddenly, also called “leukonchyia punctata” in a medical term, has often been wrongly linked to our diet. Indeed, its milky color was associated with the lack of calcium or magnesium in our body, as a warning signal. But in reality, this has no connection!

These mysterious spots of varying size appear after a lesion at the base of the nail.

The nail tablet (seen in detail in the article How to grow your nails ? ) can be weakened after a lack of nail care such as pushing back the cuticles or hitting your hands on different objects. Receiving a blow on the nail forms spaces, letting air enter between the different layers of keratin. And this is where the stain occurs!

How do I get rid of it?

Unfortunately, only patience will help you chase them away because there is no treatment. Natural growth will bring the stain closer to the edge of the nail until it disappears. Since it's not dangerous, you don't have to worry about it. But if the aesthetic side bothers you, you can always hide it with a beautiful varnish opaque enough to no longer see anything.

How to avoid it?

To prevent their appearance, there is nothing simpler: take care of your hands! Keep them away from harmful products that could dry them out and make them fragile, protect them from extreme temperatures, moisturize them with creams and oils and above all: avoid shocks and blows as much as possible.

What if despite all this, I still have spots?

Do you have any doubts about one or more of your tasks? Even though you protect them as you should, nothing works? Press lightly on the base of your nail and watch how it reacts.

Does the white spot stay in place? It is placed on the nail, so it definitely comes from a shock.

Does the stain disappear or change color? The problem may then concern the skin.

There's no point in panicking because if you don't have a major problem, this task usually means nothing. If it is accompanied by other symptoms, then we let you contact a doctor.

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