Explore the 23Beauty Paris Nail Polish Collection for Vibrant Nail Colors and Impeccable Hold

Welcome to the world of my brand 23Beauty Paris. A brand that offers you nail polishes where luminosity and pretty hold meet. Discover our range of nail polishes, offering a palette of trendy colors to enhance your style but also care exceeding 98% natural and organic ingredients. Our varnishes embody a desire to return to the beginnings of beauty, take care of yourself with pleasure, have fun with colors, adopt holistic rituals.

Several hands wearing nail polish, red, black, sky blue, fuschia, nude and burgundy, vegan nail polish made in France without toxic ingredients

Discover the Exceptional Quality of our Nail Polishes

Coordinate your nails to your style and desires or add a touch of nail art with our collection of 23Beauty Paris nail polishes. Each shade is meticulously chosen & formulated to provide radiance and lasting resistance. Our nail polishes are more than just colors, they are a whole lifestyle and values. An innovative formula for easy application, minimizing flaking and ensuring quick drying. Designed to meet the highest standards in the beauty world, our nail polishes are the ideal choice for those seeking exceptional quality without compromise.

Natural treatments, organic ingredients, a complete ritual

Express yourself fully with our extensive palette of nail polish colors while taking care of your nails and hands. From classic tones to trendy shades, 23Beauty Paris offers endless choices to suit every mood and occasion. But also treatments that will strengthen your nails, repair them and protect them. We have developed multi-functional treatments that are applicable & effective on your nails, hands, face and hair. Our commitment to diversity is reflected in our range, ensuring that each person finds the perfect shade to complement their unique style and beauty ritual.

Commitment to Responsible Beauty with Quality Ingredients

At 23Beauty Paris, we believe in responsible beauty that takes care of you. Our nail polishes are formulated with high quality ingredients, favoring formulas that respect the health of your nails. The natural components in our polishes contribute to a smooth application, while the nourishing agents help maintain the vitality of your nails. We deliberately exclude harsh ingredients to provide a safe and pleasant manicure experience. Our treatments are made in France, in Ile de France, with ingredients from French agriculture and upcycled. Opt for beauty without compromise, because our varnishes and treatments are not trendy, but an expression of our commitment to your well-being.

Tips and Tricks for a Perfect Manicure

Because your manicure experience goes beyond buying nail polish, we're sharing some tips for the perfect manicure. Before applying polish, make sure your nails are clean and dry. Use a protective base to prolong the wear of the varnish and avoid stains. When applying, use long, slow strokes for even coverage. Additionally, make sure to leave enough time between each coat for optimal drying. Explore our video tutorials for hands-on demonstrations that will guide you through each step, ensuring a professional manicure from the comfort of your home.

Let's contribute together to a Greener Future

At 23Beauty Paris, our commitment to beauty does not stop at aesthetics. We also strive to minimize our environmental footprint. Our packaging is designed with recyclable materials, and we continue to explore more sustainable options for our products. By choosing 23Beauty Paris, you participate in our vision of a greener future. Stay informed about our eco-friendly initiatives and discover how every purchase contributes to more responsible practices in the beauty industry.

Transform every moment of your manicure routine with our nail polishes & skincare from 23Beauty Paris. Discover the balance between style, well-being quality, and sustainability. Dive into our collection now and let your nails shine with a modern touch that celebrates your individuality. 23Beauty Paris goes beyond aesthetics to offer a complete beauty experience, where quality, variety and environmental commitment meet. Join us on our journey for beauty that transcends expectations, because at 23Beauty Paris we believe that every nail has a story to tell.

Virginie Bapaume, founder 23Beauty Paris


Do you like nail art ? Find our latest looks from 23Beauty Paris, your vegan nail polish brand made in France. With our fine brush, master your manicure like a pro. Rest assured our models are easy to reproduce. Some will require more dexterity. To help you, you can consult our guide on Instagram which presents our video tutorials.

To discover the colors used for each nail art, or manicure inspiration, simply click on the image and the references will appear. So which one are you going to test?