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Classic Varnish vs Semi-Permanent or Gel: The Advantages of Classic Varnish

Choosing between classic, semi-permanent or gel polish can be an important decision in your beauty routine. Each of these types of nail polish has its own advantages, but there is a growing trend in favor of classic nail polish, at least at 23Beauty Paris. Let's find out why classic polish is a great choice for your nails and how it allows you to take control of your beauty without sacrificing the health of your nails.

1. Ease of Application:

One of the major advantages of classic varnish is its ease of application. No need for UV lamps or professional skills. You can apply it at home, whenever you want, with ease.

2. Versatility and Fun:

Classic varnishes offer an endless range of colors, finishes and effects. You can have fun changing your nail color as often as you want, without long-term commitment. Opt for bright colors in summer and darker shades in winter. Give free rein to your creativity, imagination and desire.

3. Withdrawal Facility:

Conventional polishes are easy to remove at home with acetone-free nail polish remover. No need to go to a beauty salon for a removal session. You can also jump from one color to another in just a few minutes.

4. Preserving the Health of Your Nails:

Classic varnishes are gentler on the nails than semi-permanent or gel alternatives, which can weaken them over time depending on the practitioner chosen or the quality of the products. By opting for classic varnish, you preserve the well-being of your natural nails.

5. Avoid Controversies:

UV lamps used for curing gel and semi-permanent have raised concerns about potential risks to skin and nail health. By choosing classic varnish, you eliminate these concerns and enjoy the simplicity of manicure.

6. Saving Time and Money:

Conventionally painted nails now dry quickly, saving you time. You don't need a salon appointment for application and removal, saving you money.

7. Take Control:

By using classic varnish, you regain control of your nail beauty routine. You can change color whenever you want, try easy nail art, learn more about your nails and establish a real beauty routine.

Classic polish offers many benefits, from ease of application to versatility and the ability to maintain the health of your nails. You can express your style, change your look in an instant and avoid the controversies surrounding UV lamps and damaged nails. So, opt for classic varnish and take control of your nail beauty, with ease and without compromise.

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