Quelles couleurs de vernis nude à adopter pour les peaux noire et métissée : notre sélection de couleurs naturelles pour sublimer les peaux foncées. - 23Beauty Paris

What nude nail polish colors to adopt for black and mixed skin: our selection of natural colors to enhance dark skin.

Nude nail polish for black skin, a must have! Nude has been at the forefront for many years, thanks to its natural and discreet shades which allow you to have elegant nails without artifice. Today we offer you a selection of nude varnishes for you ladies with dark to black skin, who are desperately looking for the shade made for you.

  1. Light pink

THE light pink is THE color par excellence to mention the nude nail polish trend for black skin. Indeed, affordable for all skin tones, this powdery shade will enhance black or matte skin, even giving it more radiance. In addition, this color allows for adjustable coverage for more or less effect!

  1. Brown

Although it is not considered nude for all skin types, it is beautiful and good for you ladies so go for it! This more or less pigmented color can be adopted both in summer and in winter. On certain skin tones, beige can even blend in with the skin and give an optimal result.

  1. Beige

If you are hesitating between pale pink and brown, then you are on the color made for you! The lightness of pale pink and the pigments of brown will allow you to approach this color without risk of making a mistake. We once again like its modularity which allows you to play with it as you wish.

  1. Milky white

Like black, white suits everyone. But here we are talking about milky white, this color which tends towards a desaturated beige and gives a “milk” tint to the nails. This color suits dark and matte skin because, like pink, it will give your skin a glow in another way if you are not a fan of pale pink.

  1. Bordeaux

This color is in our opinion reserved for dark skin. Between red, sometimes too garish, and chocolate brown, this one is perfect. It's up to you to find the exact balance between its two shades and the one that matches your skin tone as closely as possible.

And here is our non-exhaustive selection of nudes to adopt!

Above all, we advise you to always apply a base and a top coat to make the most of your varnish, and allow your nails to be healthy under your manicure.

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