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Pop Up Store: Libre Curls X 23Beauty Paris

You are welcome to the Pop Up store “Green&Chic Beauty” at 12 boulevard de Denain in the 10th in Paris, open 7 days a week, from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

The 23Beauty Paris team awaits you there as well as many other brands, each one more unique than the last!

The pop-up store highlights authentic beauty, you will have the opportunity to discover our values ​​and test our products.

The Objectives of “Green&Chic Beauty”:

  • Discover beautiful, committed and natural brands, without harmful effects on our health!
  • Highlight natural products that are as trendy and aesthetic as traditional products
  • To meet people, test the products on site, smell them, discover our values...

Why should you come see 23Beauty Paris?

  • You will have the opportunity to discover our commitments
  • You will be able to test our colors and our nail care for free
  • If you give in to the temptation of our colors, the 23Beauty Paris team offers you a varnish application for a moment of relaxation!
  • A click&Collect, instead of a delivery! you can come and collect your order directly from the pop up store
  • Manicures (by appointment) done by the founder of the brand with whom you can chat

Boucles Libres, the organizer of this event

We interviewed the founder of the hair brand Boucles Libres, here is an overview:

  • What is your favorite 23Beauty Paris nail polish color?

“I love blue nail polish ! It’s a bit of a daring color, but it’s a color that reminds me that we have the right to break out of boxes and codes!”

  • What relationship do you have with your hands?

“It took me a while to appreciate them because I didn't really understand the routine required, but now that I know how to take care of them, it's much better! Long live beautiful vegan manicures and varnishes!”

  • How would you describe your brand and what words best describe your world?

“Boucles Libres is a holistic brand of hair products and services that aim to reconnect the hair experience with the importance of inner/outer well-being.

The products offered are natural, multi-use and innovative, to simplify the routine of people with frizzy, curly, frizzy, locksed hair and fight against the harmful effects of stress.”

  • Your brand’s mission:

“reduce overconsumption of hair cosmetics and plastics.”

  • A few words to describe your brand:

“The words that describe my world are: nature, well-being, travel, and of course authentic beauty!”

  • What values ​​do you favor at Boucles Libres?

“Trust, Proximity, Naturalness, Innovation! And why ? I think that carrying these values ​​pushes me to always give my best, whether in the composition of products, the search for eco-responsible packaging, the way of communicating on certain subjects... I dream and work to build a special relationship with my consumers, I want them to feel considered and pampered, I also want to make them aware of the importance of their health. This is why I offer products but also meeting times, whether it is the Hair & Selflove hair coaching workshops or the Well-being conferences.”

  • How do you design and imagine your products?

“I design them first in my head, without limiting my imagination. I like to rethink the use of certain products, question their usefulness, work on the formulation with innovative materials and create new rituals! But what I like most about the creative process is seeing the realization of an idea and the different stages I went through before arriving at the final product!

  • Your goal?

“The goal that always stays in my mind: simplifying hair routines and spreading the importance of well-being! How did you become known? I launched the brand at the Natural Hair Academy in 2022! It was a great challenge, because it is the largest show in Europe dedicated to black and mixed-race beauty. My goal was to prove to myself that I was ready to embark on this great entrepreneurial adventure alongside beautiful and large brands already established. It was a great launch, and the message of holistic in/out beauty was understood!”

  • What inspires you the most?

“Stories of resilient people, nature and art. I love everything that nourishes my creativity, challenges me and allows me to recharge my batteries!”

  • What is your customers' favorite product?

“The Exotic Success multi-use growth serum: it is a treatment for the scalp and lengths: it helps stimulate growth and protect the scalp from dehydration and inflammation. It deeply nourishes without weighing down the curls, facilitates detangling and its scent transports you to the edge of a beautiful beach accompanied by an exotic fruit cocktail! It’s the must-have for a minimalist, anti-stress hair routine!”

Thanks to Séverine for her time and energy dedicated to the Pop Up Store and see you soon for a new interview.

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