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The ideal manicures for the holidays - Christmas 2023

After giving our nails a makeover for Halloween, let's make way for the end of year celebrations.

Dive with us into the magic of Christmas thanks to dark, glittery manicures, full of creativity and fantasy!

You probably already have the perfect dress, as well as how to do your hair and makeup for events. But nails are becoming fashion accessories in their own right too!

For the end of year celebrations, anything goes. This period is when we can finally let ourselves be tempted by nail art, bold nail polish colors or conversely very simple colors but always in the holiday theme.

But what are the trendy colors to adopt?

No stress, today we help you make your choice with our selection of essential colors for this winter.

Above all, follow the basics carefully before applying varnish:

For a successful manicure, there are certain things to do beyond the color or pattern chosen.

After filing your nails into the desired shape, it is essential to apply a base to protect your nail but also to make the manicure last.

Then apply 1 to 2 coats of color, letting it dry well between the two breaks. And finally we finish with the top coat to unify and protect your manicure.

Which style to choose?

For Christmas or New Year you can find two different types of manicure. First of all you will have very extravagant nails, ranging from glitter nail art

Then you will have a slightly more sober style with dark and plain colors.

Manicure idea:

  • A simple burgundy manicure

  • Burgundy is a very chic color that accentuates the sophisticated look with its darker shade. In plain color or combined with other colors it will be perfect for the holidays. A must-have that never goes out of style.

    • Red Nail Art

    If you find red too classic then I suggest you designate your manicure a little to break out of your routine.

    • Creamy white

    If you are looking for something simple. Creamy white can be a good option reminding us of the little snowflakes in the sky.

    Both discreet and elegant. It gives your manicure a chic and refined look. Simple and effective for the Christmas period!

    • Pine green

    Among the colors that we find most during the Christmas holiday period, you can be sure that green will not be missing. Both simple and original.

    • Glittery red

    What would Christmas be without a red manicure?

    Red nail polish is a classic, it goes everywhere and in all seasons, but it has never been worn better than during Christmas.

    And why not opt ​​for a glittery red for a change?

    • Golden

    Gold is one of the most iconic colors for the holiday season. a gold nail polish as sparkly as your Christmas decorations!

    • Brown chocolate

    If you are torn between light and dark nail polish colors, then this color is for you.

    A little touch of indulgence with its color similar to that of chocolate, the same ones you will taste throughout the month of December!

    • Red and white manicure

    What if we combined our two key Christmas colors to decorate our little nails with designs! When you play, you have a multitude of options to inspire you!

    • French red

    The French manicure is as classy as it is trendy. And why not in red?

    • Snowflake manicure

    It will take some practice to create your little white snowflakes but it's worth it!

    Use 23 Beauty Paris for your Christmas manicure?

    A slightly orange brown if you don't want too strong a brown on your nails. An autumnal color allowing you to have warm colors in this cold winter weather!

    • Yllas nail polish, white color:

     An opaque white, a covering white, a white that would not disappoint you. Perfect for drawing little snowflakes that stand out nicely on your nails!

    • Nail polish No. 23 , burgundy color:

    It is obvious that burgundy is one of the key colors of Christmas. Be sure that your manicure will be perfectly in tune with the theme.

    • My Paris nail polish , red color:

    Always a must-have in any time of year. Your toughest dilemma will be choosing between a plain manicure or nail art.

    A slightly more discreet color while still being elegant, your hands are highlighted without being afraid of overdoing it! A chic manicure that will go with your outfits!

    For a chic bling bling look, on the tips of the nails or just on one nail, glitter varnish offers multiple possibilities!

    It’s up to you, we look forward to your 23 Beauty Paris manicures!

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