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Black nail polish - we love it!

The color black in makeup is often adopted for the eyes: mascara, pencil or even eye shadow. However, when it comes to nails, we still face a lot of preconceived ideas. And yet, black nail polish is a must-have at 23Beauty Paris and we'll explain why. At the end of the article, you will only have one desire.... Adopt this shade which will become one of your essentials.

To adopt during all seasons.

We don't often think about it, but black nail polish can be worn in summer, winter and fall. It's a versatile color that goes well with all the other colors.

Both on the hands and feet

Many fans of varnish do not dare to take the step of black nail polish on the hands. And yet whether it’s on your feet or your fingernails, we invite you to take the plunge. The black color adapts to all styles.

So easy to personalize

Black nail polish can be worn alone but also in a duo or trio. It's a very easy color to customize. We like to add patterns in the form of stickers or glitter. We also like to mix it with other colors for a unique style;

Covering from the first coat

A good black nail polish must be covering from the first layer in order to reveal all its intensity.

For an instant chic result

It’s a shade that brings a chic side to all outfits, all styles. For too long, it has only been associated with gothic or rock worlds and yet. The styling possibilities with this color are endless.

Black nail polish: How to apply it while protecting your nails?

Our intense black nail polish that covers from the first coat. On top, a coat of our “ Dance in London ” glitter varnish

2 steps are essential for a black varnish: apply a base and a top coat.

The base, because the black varnish, being very covering, it could be difficult to remove without a base and leave traces. It is therefore important to protect the nail. So after filing your nails, apply a primer and let it dry well.

Then, apply two coats of black varnish then a top coat. Your varnish will last longer and be even brighter.

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