Women & Nails : Sanjee, author and food writer !

Let's meet Sanjee! On the occasion of the release of our autumn color Pondicherry, which is a tribute to India, we wanted to honor a woman who moves the lines and who is Indian. An interview in line with our current events but also our values. We would have liked to see her more often in the media so that she could express herself on her career, her skills and knowledge. Finally, it's done!

- Can you introduce yourself? 

I graduated from a Parisian business school in 2004 with a master's degree in marketing and purchasing. I have always worked in my favorite field: fashion (I started at Agnès b.).
Bollywood Kitchen the blog was created in 2011 following an economic layoff,
Little by little, over time and through enriching encounters, I transformed my blog into a culinary consulting agency dedicated to a modern vision of cooking: content creation for brands, events, custom workshops and private catering, restaurant and catering menu, TV & Web culinary column and then I started writing books (in 2015).
I'm also a brand ambassador as well as a youtuber and TV columnist.

- How many books have you written Sanjee and what is the main theme?

My 9th book is coming out on October 21st (they are available at Mango Edition): Vegetarian, Ayurvedic, Fast food, or cultural aspects, many aspects of Indian cuisine are covered.

- What is your next book about?

The latest "Inde Balades gourmandes, recettes et art de vivre" is a gourmet road trip to discover Indian gastronomy while traveling. Five major parts/one major region with for each one: an illustrated map, the best recipes, products to taste, anecdotes... With, in addition, pages on the art of living and the craftsmanship related to Indian gastronomy (spices, vegetarianism, the great Indian festivals and ceremonies...). More than 70 recipes, reports, photos and illustrations: a unique and extremely rich book to visit India through gourmet food!

- What is the preconceived notion that you would like to break about Indian culture?

The Indian culture is very vast, I come from a community in the North of India, Gujarat, and people often think that all Indians are vegetarians and Hindus! It's funny because it's not my case at all, I am neither vegetarian nor Hindu. People also tend to confuse origin and religion but that's another subject ;).
I also have an international name (Sandra is my real name) and I had to take a nickname (Sanjee, the contraction of my first name and my last name) to avoid having to explain that "yes, I am of Indian origin, and yes, my 2 parents are Indian and therefore, no I am not mixed...".

- What is, according to you, the Vegan & essential Indian dish?

The dhal of course! A curry of legumes (lentils, split peas...) simmered for a long time, with spices; there are many recipes!
Indians eat it almost daily, it is a source of vegetable protein and a satiating dish.

- What is your relationship with your hands and nails?

I have almost the same relationship with my nails as with my hair! I use quality products and as natural as possible.
I have changed a lot: As a teenager, I used to buy bad quality products, purple or blue nail polish (I also used to do hair coloring with purple or blue highlights!).
Then when I started working, it was the fashion of the french, I made them myself with my girlfriends,
and then later, I went to the red very woman, I swore by the beautiful reds in institute! Today I don't like to have red nails anymore, I think it's a bit "ladylike", I'm back to a very natural trend (nude, light pink, milk...), with super clean products, no question of putting anything on my nails!
I rarely do seedlings because in my business (cooking) I have to have natural nails most of the time.
In the summer, I love to have beautiful and colorful toenails.
- –
Thanks a lot Sanjee and see you soon to talk about India, culture and nail polish!

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