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A new edition for Women & Nails with Pauline Teppex from GliSODin! Giving a voice to women who have key positions in companies is also part of our mission. Pauline Teppex, works in the communication department of the brand GliSODin, a food supplement made in France that uses a molecule from the melon. Supplements for the skin, which can also be good for the nails. We discover her interview to know more about GliSODin, but also about her!


- Can you introduce yourself? (You, your activities)

My name is Pauline, I am 26 years old and I have always been very creative and curious. My activity as a Social Media Manager allows me to express these two facets of my personality while talking about products and subjects that I love, related to the wellness and beauty sector. I've been working with GliSODin for over 3 years. We offer dietary supplements for the skin with a focus on naturalness and scientific effectiveness.


- What are the values of GliSODin that you share with 23Beauty Paris?

We share many values with 23Beauty:

- Our formulas are inclusive and are intended for all skin types: black, light, mature, sensitive, hyperpigmented, depigmented...

- We take great care in sourcing the active ingredients in our formulas. They are recognized for their effectiveness on the skin and are natural.

- Like 23Beauty nail polish, GliSODin formulas are validated and recommended by health and beauty professionals. The goal of our formulas is to bring well-being to our customers, so that they discover a new way to take care of themselves. The notion of In & Out is very present in our approach to beauty, with the objective of supporting topical care or dermatological / aesthetic procedures.


- What is the leading treatment and why?

Anti-aging is a formula that meets the needs of many skins: hydration.

It is composed of:

  • of SOD from melon (an antioxidant) which helps fight against premature degradation of skin cells.
  • Borage seed oil, Krill and Sea Buckthorn berries (moisturizing active ingredients) to give a natural glow.
  • theobromine, a cocoa extract that promotes skin elasticity.
  • zinc and vitamin D, essential nutrients for the beauty of the skin.

It is a complete formula, allowing to find a soft and luminous skin.

- Can you tell us about SOD and its benefits?

Every day, we are exposed to pollution, the sun, and external elements, causing micro attacks on our cells. Over time, our body is no longer able to fight effectively against its degradation and the cells are not renewed as quickly. This is called oxidative stress. To cope with this, our body produces an enzyme, SOD, superoxide dismutase. It is the most powerful antioxidant in our body. But its quantity decreases with age. We use a natural SOD, derived from melon and protected by a wheat protein to facilitate its absorption by our intestine. And its benefits are numerous!

It allows to fight against :

  • premature aging of cells responsible for: dull complexion, wrinkles.
  • inflammatory conditions responsible for pigmentary disorders: brown spots, vitiligo.


- What is the latest product launch?

Our range has always been focused on health and beauty. Our latest product, GliSODin V-SOD, is designed for people with vitiligo, a skin disease that causes depigmentation of the epidermis and the appearance of white patches. Treatments for vitiligo are evolving. To support these advances, we have just established a partnership with the AVNI foundation which supports research projects on vitiligo by donating 1€ for each box sold.

- What is your relationship with your hands and nails (do you love them, is it important....)?

My relationship with my hands and nails is often conflicting: too dry, brittle nails... But I appreciate more and more taking care of them with natural products. Applying polish regularly also helps me a lot.


- What is your favorite color to wear on your nails?

Red is the color I use most often on my nails. Summer or winter, it gives a boost to my nails and reconciles me with my hands:

Thank you Pauline Teppex for this time dedicated to 23Beauty and many more beautiful things with GliSODin

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