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Nancy Kawaya is the woman you need to boost your business, your website, or your brand story. She has been in the digital business for years and helps companies achieve their goals. Bright, caring and full of energy, she tells us about her daily life as a black woman and entrepreneur, her activities but also... her nails.


Can you introduce yourself and your different activities?

A computer scientist by training, with a passion for writing and digital, I specialise in Growth Hacking, which gives me not only the skill but also the tools and techniques to hack the growth of businesses.
I co-founded YDP Agency; an agency specialising in content creation and web SEO, in 2018. I created the show Entre-Temps in 2018; a 26-minute show that profiles personalities who "move the world" and opens up the discussion on topics as diverse as entrepreneurship, digital or marketing... In December 2018, I joined Voxafrica as a journalist and co-producer of my show Entre-Temps. In 2019, I decided to join W.E.E Consulting as a partner to offer my clients, more than what I was selling; what they need to achieve their goals. At Wee Consulting, I can now count on expertise in finance, branding and event coordination, among other things, to fulfill these clients. Collaborative work is the strength of this vision!
Today I accompany many companies and entrepreneurs on many levels; in project management, digital e-reputation, storytelling, web development and of course, in a discipline that encompasses it all; Growth Hacking.  

- Why was it important for you to help companies and entrepreneurs with digital?

Above all, I am convinced that to develop one's business, one cannot do everything alone. I believe that when you give life to an idea to turn it into a business, you have to optimise it thanks to digital expertise to give it "its letters of nobility" if I can put it that way. It is important for me to accompany entrepreneurs because I love challenges and I believe that I am participating in the development of the vision of an entrepreneur who has the potential to change lives, starting with his own. 

- As a black woman, what do you think about the representation of our beauty in the media?

As a black woman, I think we still have work to do. When I say we; I mean us as a "media outlet". We have all become transmitters of information, so if we as black women do our part, the media will follow us. It's not up to us to follow them. I love the new black woman who is increasingly standing out for her courage to be different and to be herself. I believe in us as a living force capable of influencing the media to change their opinion. After all, if the image of the black woman becomes a seller, they will be forced to look at us as an economic force, as a potential, as catalysts of influence. I believe in that. I believe in us. Ahahhaha I'm cracking up at this question 😉 You can feel the passion, can't you :-p 

Nancy Kawaya and her infectious good humour

- Why was it important for you to join The Colors programme?

I like to support initiatives by members of our community. As much as possible. I was seduced by the concept of The Colors, boosting and supporting artisans and entrepreneurs who work in the world of beauty and who focus on us. We have been forgotten for a long time. Too long. But beyond that, we will work on the economic strength of the community. That's what I said earlier, representation starts with our own consideration, the consideration we have for each other. When entrepreneurs decide to take care of us, it should start to challenge the media and the big companies who have not considered the importance of us as consumers, especially in the beauty industry. I really believe that you beauty entrepreneurs are redefining the rules of "ethnic marketing" and consumer awareness.


- What is your relationship with your hands and nail polish?

You'll laugh if I take a picture of my hands right now. I have a beautiful red permanent nail polish that's starting to "go bad" as they say. But I don't have much time. Between the house, the kids, the dishes and my hours of work in front of my PC, I have very little time to think about my nail polish. So, as soon as I can, I opt for permanent nail polish. I've experienced nail polish that wears out at the speed of light, or the resin nail that breaks when the other nails aren't even polished yet... My nails are weakened but I have no choice... I've also experienced the embarrassment of having to show a client something on my pc, yes, that moment when you'd like to hide your nails but it's just not possible...
Anyway, I'm a woman who is looking for a nail polish that can last 2 months but has nails that grow too fast. Basic.

- Your favourite place to take care of your nails?

I go to my sister who is a beautician for simple manicures and hand care. When I can. Otherwise I also go to Kingdom Of Beauty in Brussels. 

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