Women & Nails : Haweya Mohamed

Haweya Mohamed is a leading figure in tech in Africa, Europe and the United States! She is the head of Afrobytes and has just launched The Colors platform. It is a real incubator that advocates diversity and inclusion in the fashion and beauty sectors. A programme from which 23Beauty Paris benefits.

Read the answers of Haweya Mohamed, the Women & Nails of the day, about her professional projects but also about her relationship with her hands and nails.

- Why was it important to create The Colors?

The Colors is a way for us to take the heat out of the debate on Diversity and Inclusion, which personally annoys me. The current debates lead to absolutely nothing, we are in the business of pleasing people. But to please whom and to what end? We have therefore chosen fashion and beauty as sectors because they are very much linked to identity by promoting the careers of aspiring entrepreneurs and success stories. We are all living in a totally new moment of life where new paradigms are being put in place with global aspirations and a question: What's next?

I think it's time to approach this issue from an economic perspective and nothing else. So the goal of The Colors is to use this particular moment that makes us all question our actions to evolve the narrative and imagery around this issue by bringing together the right people with the right mindset and create magic.   

- Why is it important to you to help entrepreneurs get started?

I have always been driven by the fact that you are born, you die and it is important to do something in between. I have been lucky enough to have been brought up sharing, to have experienced many human and professional adventures and it is this experience that I wish to share with entrepreneurs. 

Afrobytes, which I created in 2015, has allowed me to meet talented people all over the world and it is this expertise and ecosystem that we want to put at the service of entrepreneurs. The strength of Afrobytes is the ability to bring together Afro communities on three continents: Europe where we are based, the US where our main tech partners are and finally Africa where we have been supporting entrepreneurs for years.

- As a black woman, what is the biggest challenge you have faced?

I am indeed a woman, black, Muslim, tech entrepreneur and my name is Mohamed... laughs! There have been challenges :-)I have NEVER stopped at that, that is my strength. I have always taken a global approach. You'll notice that we communicate in English, it's very important for us to open up what we do to as many people as possible and to free ourselves from preconceived ideas. 

- You co-created Afrobytes, which has become a reference in the sector, what is your next news?

Thank you! We are coming back on May 25th which is International Africa Day with our eternal desire to show Africa innovating to Africans and the rest of the world. May 25th will be a pan-African event mixing television and online sessions.
The show will be broadcast on +30 public and private television channels in +15 African countries. But it will also be broadcast in Europe and the United States (we have a partnership with Voice Of America and are developing others). It is a totally pan-African approach that brings together people of African descent in Africa, Europe, the United States and the Caribbean. See you on 25 May(https://www.afrobytes.com/)


- What is your relationship with your hands and nail polish?

How about that! That's a great question! I often have cold hands, I love to have moisturised hands (I always carry a cream with me) otherwise I get stressed and I also really enjoy having a nice red on my nails. Unfortunately at the moment I don't spend as much time on it but this interview is a nice reminder that I need to do something about it. I rarely go to an institute, I'm pretty well equipped to do things myself. 

- Your favourite place to take care of your nails?

I don't have any favourite addresses, I often do treatments at home and like to have my hands done when I travel... I don't know why :-).


Thank you Haweya Mohamed for your time and your valuable answers that push us to carry our projects and move forward in our businesses.

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