Women & Nails : Ariane & Huguette from Ariette

Do you know the co-founder of the famous Parisian brunch Chez Ariette? Today, Ariane and Huguette will explain the foundations of their association and the need to increase the visibility of black women in our daily lives.

- Can you introduce yourself?

Ariane : My name is Ariane, I was born in Paris about forty years ago and I am the mother of seven-year-old twins.

I am passionate about travel, to the point of making it my profession, and also about everything that concerns the elevation of women.

I am the bearer of committed projects. It is a way for me to draw "my ideal world". 

Huguette: My name is Huguette, I am 41 years old, I am the co-founder of the association Chez Ariette and future web developer. I am addicted to yoga. I start every day with a session to wake up and set my intention for the day. I like to take care of others and they pay me back well.

Ariane from Chez Ariette

- Tell us about the Chez Ariette concept?

Chez Ariette is an ecosystem that allows women to be inspired, energised and uplifted. Every quarter, during the Ariette brunch, we offer them the opportunity to meet successful role models who are like them. It is an event, so that they can learn from their experiences and lessons, in order to give life to their desires.

Through our initiatives we want to reverse the paradigm of the stereotypical model of excellence. But also to open up the field of possibilities for all.

- What are the values you share with 23Beauty Paris?

Huguette and I share the brand's eco-responsible values, with this desire to consume differently. By being more vigilant about the composition of products. But also, more respectful of our environment and living beings.

We are also sensitive to the notion of an inclusive beauty that highlights all beauties!

- Where to find out about the next Chez Ariette event?

The opening of the ticketing for Ariette's brunch scheduled on 06/02, will take place this week, stay tuned 😉

News will be shared on our Instagram page @chezariette and our website www.chezariette.fr

- Talk about the event on 6 February?

We welcome you to the salons of the 25 Hours Terminus Nord hotel in Paris. In a warm and friendly setting, in the spirit of a boudoir and an old-fashioned literary salon. It will be a moment of sharing between about twenty women. All this in the company of our exceptional guests: Sheena Donia and Tatiana Bazin.

With the Chez Ariette team, we create a space for free speech. A space to empower and experience the full expression of sisterhood together.

Un événement pensé pour vous, avec beaucoup d’émotion, une bonne dose d’humour, une pointe de gourmandise. Le tout préparé avec Amour <3

Huguette, from Chez Ariette

- What is your relationship with your hands?

Ariane: To start with, I dream of a manicure!

Hands are a bit like shoes I think, they say a lot about a person lol! "Show me your hands, I'll tell you who you are...".

My hands are adorned with few jewels and I don't deviate from the cream ritual! When I get ready, I also take care of my hands/nails, to give meaning to the expression: "(...) all the way to my nails".

Huguette: The poor things often get into the water for washing up or disinfecting them. But I slather them with cream several times a day to keep them moisturised as much as possible.

- What is your favourite nail colour?

Ariane : I like nude colours for the "natural elegance" aspect

Huguette: Anything pink, nude or fuchsia

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