Care : Cuticle oil and Base & Top Coat


Care & protect! The duo you need for a manicure that respects your nails and cuticles at all times. It consists of our oil and our Base & Top!

More than a cuticle oil, we explain how to use it:

N.1 :

  • Soak your fingertips in a warm water bath for 5-10 minutes.
  • Apply the Care Oil to the nails and cuticles and massage in circular motions with the pad of your thumb.
  • Leave for 5 minutes.
  • With a wooden stick, push back the cuticles and cut off the resistant skins with a pair of cuticle cutters.

N.2 :

Apply in the evening and leave on overnight.

Benefits of our formula (98% of ingredients of natural origin)

Rich in vitamins E, A and carotenoids, it helps brittle nails. Its sweet almond oil, rich in iron and vitamins and its softening, moisturising and soothing properties, helps fragile nails. It also acts on the cuticles to make them more supple and beautiful.


A two in one!

  • You apply it before putting on your polish to protect your nails
  • You apply it after your nail polish to boost the shine and prolong the hold
  • You apply it alone for shiny nails

2 or 3 uses what! It's yours 🙂

A formula without any decried ingredients (10 Free), vegan & cruelty free.

We are 100% made in France: from the formula, to the packaging, to our partners. We are inclusive and work with all our employees in this sense: origin, age, gender, disability.


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A duo composed of the Cuticle Oil and the Base & Top Coat.


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23Beauty Paris Nail Care Duo containing cuticle oil and top coat

Care : Cuticle oil and Base & Top Coat


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