Pondicherry camel varnish


All of our nail polishes are easy to apply and vegan, this one too! We called it Pondicherry, but we could have called it Caramel Macchiato or Cappucino! An intense camel color, opaque and bright that goes perfectly with a red, a nude and even a sky blue (good thing we have one)

So, will it accompany you this fall?

A formula without any decried ingredients (10 Free).

Tip: After applying a base coat, 2 coats and the top coat, it lasts 5 days.

We are 100% made in France: from the formula, to the packaging, to our partners. We are inclusive and work with all our employees in this sense: origin, age, gender, disability.

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A camel varnish perfect for fall. They sublimate all skin tones, from the darkest to the lightest.

For this color, we give you an appointment in India and more precisely in Pondicherry. A city known for its shimmering colors and its colorful architecture.


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vegan nail polish camel pondicherry of the brand 23Beauty Paris

Pondicherry camel varnish


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