Washable dissolving discs

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Discs that help reduce its environmental footprint.

Gentle on the nails, they also allow you to reduce your make-up removal budget. You can keep them for several months.

Just wash with slightly warm soapy water, wring out gently and leave to dry after each use.

The pack contains 3 discs, so that you can give free rein to your desires, without constraints.

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Sold in sets of 3, these washable nail polish remover discs can be a first step towards an eco-responsible approach.

Directions for use: soak the cotton pad with a little nail polish remover and remove the nail.

Made of black bamboo, they are washable in soapy water.

Allow to air dry.


Made in France.


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Black bamboo nail polish remover disc. They can be used to replace the classic make-up remover cotton pads. An eco-responsible approach

Washable dissolving discs


Out of stock