What is vegan nail polish? We explain!

What is vegan nail polish? Here is a detailed article explaining how your cosmetics can be vegan and what this entails. Veganism started out as a food trend: no food from animal sources. But what about your nail polish, lipstick or eyeshadow?

What is being vegan?

It is to remove from its food everything that contains products of animal origin. This includes meat, fish and shellfish, but also dairy products, eggs and honey. But it doesn't stop there.

Being vegan is a whole way of life that can go as far as choosing to consume cosmetic brands that do not test their products on animals (this is the case for the majority of brands in Europe, for example, because the regulations oblige it).

This refusal of animal exploitation can also be asserted in the choice of clothing by removing materials such as leather from the wardrobe.

It's a personal process and to be vegan, you don't have to tick all three boxes. It's a journey, which can take time and above all to adapt to one's convictions, which differ from one person to another.

Why create vegan nail polishes?

23Beauty Paris is a committed brand that takes into account the new challenges we will have to face as citizens. Animal cruelty and the environmental aspect are important to us.

What is vegan nail polish to us? We wanted our formulations to be free of ingredients of animal origin. Some of them are already prohibited by the regulations, others are not. So we took the option of not using those that are still allowed and that we don't describe. It is not in our values to denigrate or "point fingers".

We just want to do what we think is right for our health and for the planet.

Vegan nail polish, as effective as a classic nail polish?

Our brand 23Beauty Paris has succeeded in making a vegan nail polish that lasts up to 5 days.

Our nail polish is just as effective as a classic nail polish. Our colours are bright, vibrant, can only be applied in one coat (two for a more intense result) and respect your nail.

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