Which nail polish colors for the holidays?

Which nail polish colors for the holidays? They are fast approaching, with New Year's Eve, Christmas and New Year's Eve. But really, it's literally, whatever you want! Your outfit, your hairstyle, your makeup, your nails should just match your desires, your personality, your mood. For our part, we've selected 5 colors that fit every style. Follow the guide!

Our trendy selection of nail polish colors for the holidays :

  • My Paris Red It is the most glamorous color but also sensual! And yes, red is a safe bet. With all its shades, it adapts to all styles! It is one of the essential trends, a classic that continues to make the effect.
  • The Bordeaux N.23 Our flagship color. Intense, luminous and covering. This shade of red is perfect for everyday wear, but also for more chic, glamorous, intimate moments. It's easy to match and perfect for any nail shape.
  • The nude little tokyo: Our favorite! Discreet, elegant, soft, we love it for its unique shade that suits all skin tones, from the lightest to the darkest. 
  • Pondicherry camel: It reminds us of India, caramel macchiato or the first shades of winter. This warm and unique color will accompany you from fall to spring. 
  • The black Anse Noire It is the perfect black. It goes with all outfits, all styles, the glamour par excellence.
  • Dance in London glitter For a festive look, the glittery varnish offers multiple possibilities. You can match it with jewelry or even with gold or silver heels. Its golden hue will brighten up any style.
  • Nail art Nail art : you can also decide in addition to the choice of your color to add a small original side. Nail art allows you to add your own personal touch. No stress, you will find very simple ones on our dedicated guide! 

Here is a small idea of nail art simple to achieve :

How can I make my festive manicure last longer?

In the end, it is only a matter of technique. So we suggest a 5-step ritual:

  • Take the time to prepare your nail before applying your polish. 

So we carefully take care of his cuticles, we file by making a pretty form, we pass a block polishoire to remove the film of fat. And then we can start our manicure!

  • apply the base correctly 
  • apply two coats of colored varnish, allowing each coat to dry thoroughly
  • apply top coat to even out everything
  • let your hands dry well to avoid damaging them

You can even keep a bottle of glitter nail polish in your bag. To hide the snags, and give it a unique style to your nail polish for the holidays!

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