We explain all about the Russian manicure ?

Still unknown a few months ago, the Russian manicure has become a must for manicure fans. But what is it and how does it work? We asked Gloss'Up, who performs it in her institutes. We explain everything about the phenomenon!

The before and after of a Russian manicure by the Gloss'Up institute

Could you explain what a Russian manicure is?

The Russian manicure is THE nail care par excellence. It is a precise manicure which allows to clean perfectly the nails contours. It allows to have a perfectly clean result after the application of nail polish, whether it is classic or semi-permanent. We clean the skin around the nails, and we lift the cuticle in order to apply the nail polish underneath. There should be no demarcation. It is true that it is a surprising manicure, but totally painless. Little known in France, it is the most advanced technique for a flawless result. 

How is the Russian manicure done?

The Russian manicure is a manicure entirely done with a sander using different tips. These are chosen according to the areas worked on the nail and its contours. Another important thing is that it must be done by professionals, because it requires a lot of gentleness. 

What are the main benefits?

The main advantage, beyond the perfectly clean result, is the regrowth of your nail and thus the duration of the nail polish applied. Indeed, by lifting the cuticle at the time of the manicure, the nail polish will be applied underneath and you can gain up to 1 week of additional hold versus your regrowth. 

At Gloss'Up, in addition to this precise manicure, a protein base is applied to the nail before the semi-permanent nail is applied. Based on Keratin, it will nourish the nail in depth and continuously throughout the duration of the Semi Permanent. As a result, your nails will be strong when you apply them! Also, this base will allow you to work on a curved effect that some #NailAddict's are looking for! 

How much does it cost to do it? 

There are a number of packages available at Gloss'Up Beauty Bar for Russian manicures. The price starts from 70€ for a classic nail polish and 75€ for a semi-permanent nail polish (the average duration is 4 weeks). 

How can I be sure that my practitioner is properly trained in the method?

Very few practitioners in Paris are trained in this technique which requires precise training. Don't hesitate to ask the team directly, or visit their social networks to see different achievements. At Gloss'Up our team is trained for this service and will be happy to welcome you! 

Thank you to Gloss'Up and its team!

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