Natural Hair Academy 2022 and 23Beauty Paris! We were there!

Natural Hair Academy! This is the biggest Afro event in Europe. It brings together all lovers of beauty, fashion and Afro culture. We have been following this beautiful event for 10 years as visitors, but this year we were exhibitors and went to meet you all. Many thanks - Virginie Bapaume

On the occasion of our 1st anniversary we were lucky enough to participate in the 10th edition of the Natural Hair Academy as an exhibitor. 

It's a bit like the culmination of a journey! Indeed, we have been regulars at the NHA since the first edition. But to be able to exhibit our brand 23BeautyParis in this event which gathers our values was a real happiness.

During this event we were able to showcase our nail polishes and in particular our new Venice colour, which was a unanimous success.

We also did some nail polishing during these two days, which delighted many people.

Between culture and tradition, the NHA was able to help us discover beautiful brands and beautiful people who, like us, wish to bring out the beauty in everyone and to fully assume it.

We are already looking forward to the next NHA and we hope to see you again! Anyway, congratulations to the team for this 10th edition!

In addition, we would like to take this opportunity to remind you how to take good care of your nails and extend the life of your polish. A question we were asked a lot during the event: 

What if we told you that the beauty of your nails also depends on what you eat, in fact it is important to adopt a balanced diet rich in iron, proteins and vitamins, which will greatly contribute to the growth of your nails. 

When removing your nail polish, use ethyl acetate instead of acetone and choose a nail polish remover enriched with sweet almond or glycerine and vitamin E, as this will provide an additional nourishing action. 

For a clean nail polish application, don't skip the cuticle step: it is important to remove them with a cuticle remover or with 23BeautyParis cuticle oil which will soften them. 

After the cuticle step, don't hesitate to file your nails in order to give them a nice shape, for this purpose, use soft-grained cardboard files, less aggressive than steel files. 

For a better adhesion of the nail polish, we advise you to use a polishing block in order to erase the small "asperities of the nail". 

Before applying your nail polish, never skip the base coat step, which will allow the polish to adhere much more easily and not transfer to your nails. 

After applying the varnish (2 coats are enough), finish with the top coat which will allow the varnish to last longer while giving a shiny look to your manicure. 

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