Fashion : Where to buy Ethical and responsible ? At HappyBlend !

You like vegan, ethical and responsible nail polishes? You are at the right place with 23Beauty Paris ? And for fashion? We have to tell you that we have fallen for the brand HappyBlend. A fashion brand that gathers all our values while offering trendy, unavoidable items that will remain must-haves from one season to the next! 

Why choose HappyBlend?

We love brands that are committed and that allow other artisans and creators to be part of the adventure. And this is what the founder, Emilie, does. She has gathered manufacturers, stylists and designers with her to create unique models made from upcycled materials.

Where to find the brand?

The articles are available on the website but also in the concept-store La Placette located in Boulogne, 29 bis boulevard Jean Jaurès, 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt. A concept-store that offers many items, fashion, beauty, ethical and responsible lifestyle.

What are upcycled materials?

These fabrics come from the stocks of high fashion houses. Instead of creating, Emilie decided to have a strong environmental impact by reusing these forgotten fabrics. This allows her to offer affordable luxury items in limited quantities. The perfect equation for a limited carbon footprint.

But is there my size at HappyBlend?

Of course ! The brand is inclusive. Luscious, fine, big, small, go ahead! You will find what you are looking for. The best way to boost your self-esteem, to feel good in your clothes, is to go through the door of La Placette, to meetHappyBlend !

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