#LoveYourHands - the new 23Beauty Paris campaign! 

Love Your Hands. Our new participative project which is close to our heart and which you will certainly like! 

#LoveYourHands what is it?

23Beauty Paris, it's nail polish, skincare, masterclass and a lot of values. We are made in France, without any toxic ingredients and PETA certified. In addition to the product, we like to advance on subjects that are close to our hearts such as self-acceptance! Indeed, we want to be inclusive across the spectrum. We are deeply convinced that fun, innovative, guilt-free operations change the game.

So here we are, launching the #LoveYourHands operation!

We gather hundreds of photos of hands, of your hands, no matter your age, gender, or origin;

If you have a touch of 23Beauty nail polish it's even better, if not, we'll send you one at random! Oh no! You will not be able to choose your usual color!

With this, we set up a questionnaire on hand love.

The goal is to answer sincerely! And of course no stress, there are only 10 questions! We will then be able to make an infographic on the love of hands, your relationship with nails and care.

How to participate in the #LoveYourHands operation?

You can contact us by email or via instagram or fill in our form.

To join us, you agree to send us a photo of your hand with or without nail polish, and you must also provide us with a portrait photo of yourself. Finally, you answer 10 questions that determine your love for your hands and nails!

What is the purpose of this campaign?

We want to see how you perceive your hands and nails in general, your habits. We want to understand your vision. But above all, we want to pass on a message: Loving your hands is important, no matter what kind of person you are, with or without polish.

Many compare themselves to Instagram's perfect hands that are far from reality. 

We collect these photos to show you that the natural hands without artifice, without retouching are just as beautiful! 

Let's love our hands and nails and take care of them!

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