Women & Nails: Laure-Anne de Tastes, from Cultiv

A moment with Laure-Anne de Tastes! You know how much we love to share inspiring profiles, women who every day break glass ceilings and succeed in creating the companies of tomorrow. This is the case of Laure-Anne de Tastes, founder of the Cultiv brand. Dynamic and visionary, she has launched a brand of cosmetics in line with our values. If you don't know the brand yet, we invite you to discover their beautiful hand cream. Thanks to Laure-Anne for her time, you will love it!

1) Can you introduce yourself, Laure-Anne de Tastes?

Woman, mother, intrapreneur, I am a very curious person who always has new projects in mind.

2) Why did you create the Cultiv brand?

At the beginning, we wanted to promote French agricultural crops and support farmers in their organic transition, it should be noted that we worked for InVivo, a group of agricultural cooperatives. We carried out a scientific study on the active ingredients of French agricultural crops and we discovered that these crops are extremely rich in active ingredients that are good for the skin, and all this grows under our feet. That's how we came up with Cultiv, cosmetic products that come from local organic farming. It gives meaning to our business. The objective is not to create another brand in an already crowded market but to bring together the worlds of agriculture and beauty, to bring new income to farmers (for the moment it's tiny of course but I hope one day it will be a lot) and to take a new look at the daily work of these people who feed us.

3)What are the values of the brand? And what values do you share with 23Beauty Paris?

What drives us since the beginning is to do well, always the best we can, always improving. The second pillar is to value the uniqueness of each person, to make sure that everyone feels good about themselves, about their beauty.

It is a fundamental value because it drives our whole journey and our view of beauty: taking care of oneself is about valuing what one is and not about inculcating new beauty dogmas. A woman is beautiful when she smiles, when she feels confident, when she feels good about herself and not because she has a nose like this or a butt like that. We try to fight against all the stereotypes and it's not always easy. I think that's what binds us at 23 Beauty Paris, to value what is unique and singular in each woman.

4)What is the flagship product?

The IN&OUT duo, because here again it is common sense to use the best lever to obtain maximum efficiency. Some active ingredients are better assimilated by the skin and others by the digestion. This is why we have both: creams and food supplements. The face cream + gummies duo is our star product.

5)What are your next news?

The year 2022 will be a dynamic year again: we want to distribute the brand in pharmacies in addition to the parapharmacies and perfumeries already invested, and we are going to launch new products, a moisturising BB cream which will complete our HYDRATE range and later in the year a new range intended for combination skin with imperfections.

6) What do you think about women entrepreneurship?

It doesn't matter whether it's a man or a woman. I work with a lot of beauty entrepreneurs and contrary to what you might think, we are certainly competitors, but we share a lot, we help each other a lot, we support each other. What is difficult when you are an entrepreneur is solitude and thanks to these exchanges, you bounce back much faster.

7) What is your relationship with your hands (care, consideration...)?

I've always hated my hands, I've had old woman's hands since I was little! and I've been biting my nails for a long time... Anyway, it wasn't a loving relationship as you can see. But I took a step back and finally accepted my hands as they were. I take care of them, I do my nails regularly, I cream them every night before going to bed.

8)What is your favourite nail colour?

Coral because it's ultra vibrant for me, this shade between pink and orange. It gives me energy.

Thank you Laure-Anne de Tastes for this very nice interview!

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