What is Made in France?

Made in France, what is it ? What are the advantages of French manufacturing? Why defend the "French consumption"? Made in France" is a very fashionable phenomenon these days, so there must be some reason for this comeback!

This new aspect does not leave indifferent, Made in France is perceived in France as an element that differentiates from the rest. Three quarters of French people today say they are willing to pay more to buy a product made in France. For them, buying a product made in France is a way of participating, in particular, in maintaining employment in France, preserving know-how in our country and supporting French companies. 23Beauty Paris being a brand made in France, we tell you more!

But what is a Made in France product? 

The marking "Made in France" attests to the French origin of the product. However, it does not certify that the product has been entirely manufactured in France but that a significant part of the manufacturing has been done there.

You can even discover the Made in France exhibition "MIF expo" which promotes companies that manufacture in France. They participate in creating wealth and employment on the territory. Moreover, 23Beauty Paris participated in the 2022 edition of the MIF Expo!

How does the made in France have an environmental impact?

Yes! The made in France acts for the environment! It is considered that consuming a product made in France can be more ecological because it will require less carbon expenditure than a product made in another country and therefore further away.

This reduction of the distance between the place of production and the place of consumption can only be beneficial from an ecological point of view. 

Even if in the environmental cause, transport is not the n°1 enemy, it remains a small progress to help the planet. 

Made in France, a support to the French industry?

Indeed, the action of buying local allows to value and to support the national companies and their know-how and thus to preserve their jobs.

Consuming Made in France products means actively supporting the country's economy.

 Instead of going to brands that enrich a foreign country and whose manufacturing policies we don't know.

 Made in France is also a guarantee of respect for social standards

The purchase of products manufactured in France is a guarantee of respect for social standards. 

In many countries, unfortunately, the working conditions are terrible in terms of wages, but also with child labor, or poor sanitary conditions. 

Buying French means making the choice of a responsible and conscious consumption by ensuring that no children work in the workshops. 

It is the guarantee that the product has been manufactured under good conditions and with respect.

Made in France allows ethical, responsible and caring consumption.

Thus, this certification brings a great visibility on the product and brings an insurance for the purchase of quality products, ethical, responsible. Everything leads us to believe that this market can only develop!

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