Eiden bijoux X 23Beauty Paris : the box !

Discover our collaboration with the brand Eiden Bijoux for their February box. A limited edition where jewels, nail polish and chocolate come together to offer an exceptional moment. The gold plated earrings are perfectly matched with our nude vegan nail polish : Le little Tokyo.

Behind the brand, two women, Sonia and Emilie, above all friends, who make the brand live. Sonia designs and makes the jewelry, Emilie joined the adventure a few months later. As usual, we asked them a few questions before they told us about themselves, their adventure, and their relationship with their hands.



  • What is your favorite nail polish color?
cherry red burgundy chic, sober and elegant!
  • What is your relationship with your hands?
Cream once a day! and I am careful not to hurt myself, it is my working tool to make jewelry
  • Was there a determining factor for you to embark on this adventure?
Yes! a great desire for freedom, to make my own decisions, and to show the will to get there, day after day
  • By the way, where does the name Eiden come from?
Eiden means paradise, delight and charm. I added the "I" which is a letter common to the names of my husband and my children
  • How would you describe your brand and what words best describe your world?
It is a brand of high-fashion jewelry, our universe is soft feminine and bohemian, with jewelry with ethnic and colorful prints!
  • How do you design and imagine your products? 
I draw them from prints that I get from our supplier, this is my favorite part! Then comes the stage of gilding, and finally the assembly is done in our stores directly. We mount the jewelry with chains, prints, and our stones to have a finished and beautiful jewel!
  • How did you get known?
Our stores on the street really help us a lot! it is a spontaneous and natural passage that allows us to retain our customers. then the referencing part of the website, animation of social networks, it is our communication team that shares and makes the brand live through our screens!

Photo of Eiden jewelry


  • Did you encounter any difficulties when you started? Were there any hardships or moments of discouragement?
Of course, launching, creating, and perpetuating a brand is not easy and even more so today than yesterday.... you have to go fast all the time, stand out, exist! and it's not easy.
there was covid, we survived unlike others, but with difficult financial consequences. Every day is a challenge without knowing what tomorrow will bring.
but I believe in Eiden more than anything so I am never demotivated by this common desire to move forward!
  • What inspires you the most?
I love going to workshops to choose and touch the materials, it's inspiring and stimulating at the same time.
on some trips too, it opens the mind and fires the creativity!
  • What is your favorite piece in your collection? Why do you think this is so?
it's the necklace "Agathe" I like its retro mesh and its multi-colored stones which give pep's and good mood!



  • What is your customers' favorite room?
It is mainly our earrings that are very popular! We have a very wide range. Our earrings are very different, sometimes art-deco and colored with strong pieces like the pair "ROSE" But also more classic like a pair of creole "ABBY" simple and effective for every day
  • Any plans for Eiden? Any juicy info to share with us? 
In March we will celebrate the 10th anniversary of Eiden, (pride!) for the occasion a lot of surprises and an event to get together with our customers not to be missed... I won't say more!
  • How and why did you decide to create your jewelry brand? What was your goal?
I have always loved jewelry, accessories, accumulating them, making them live through our looks! So naturally when the desire to undertake came, the jewelry was an evidence!
Thank you very much for this interview! We invite you to visit the Eiden Bijoux website for more discoveries!

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