Nail polish trends for the holidays ? Discover the must-have colours

What are the trendy nail polish colours for the festive season? New Year's Eve, Christmas or New Year's Day, you may be wondering what colour to wear on your nails. We've put together a small selection of festive and must-have colours for this winter.

Trendy nail polishes for the holidays

Our 5 must-have colours for the festive season:

  • Rouge My Paris: red always works. It's been a must-have for years. It can be worn simply and classically as long as it is bright. Prolong its wear with a top coat and a base.
  • Bordeaux N.23: Bordeaux is a very chic colour. It goes with all outfits and is the ideal ally for New Year's Eve.
  • Fuschia Abomey: This year's colour! We saw it in all the fashion shows and fashion weeks, whether it was a small touch or a total look. It forms a pretty duo with red or white.
  • Black Anse Noire: We love the mysterious side of black on nails. The advantage: it goes with everything. Whether it's with your outfit, your accessories or another colour on your nails.
  • Dance in London glitter: On its own (yes, yes), on the tips of the nails or just as a wink on a single nail, glitter nail polish offers multiple possibilities. Its golden hue gives a festive look. It's a sure bet for the holidays.

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How can I make my festive manicure last longer?

That's always the question when you don't use semi-permanent polish. How do I make my manicure last long enough to keep it for a week? We suggest a 4-step ritual:

1 - Apply a base

2 - Apply 2 coats of colour

3 - Apply a top coat and let it dry well (do not do anything for the next hour)

4 - Keep a bottle of glitter nail polish in your bag. The advantage: it hides snags, revitalizes your manicure and gives it a unique style!

In any case, we invite you to do as you feel, respecting your style and your desires! It's your nails after all.


Shopper my nail polish wishes for the holidays:

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  • I love nail polish but the problem is that I always get acrosis when my nail polish dries. That's why I don't wear nail polish during parties and birthdays, I leave my nails natural and there is no risk of acrosis without nail polish.

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