Women & Nails: Fatine Nejmi from Châteauform'.

For the first Women & Nails interview of 2022, we welcome Fatine Nejmi who works at Châteauform'. Châteauform' is a place for seminars and smartmeeting! A team breakfast, an event to be organised, it is the perfect partner. Fatine managesChâteauform' City Monceau Rio in Paris. An inspiring entrepreneur, she has supported the 23Beauty Paris adventure since the beginning! Together, we create a bond. We have done all our shoots in her establishment as well as our first anniversary event. Châteauform' has enabled 23Beauty Paris to grow and is our premium partner. They follow us in all our projects, even the craziest ones, thanks to Fatine. Let's hear her interview!

- Can you introduce yourself and tell us about your position at Châteauform'?

My name is Fatine Nejmi, I was born in Morocco, in Casablanca, to a Moroccan father and a French mother.

After passing my baccalaureate in a French school in Casablanca, I chose to continue my studies in France and then in the United States, in Chicago, and I ended up settling in Miami. 

Today I manage, alongside David, the Châteauform' City Monceau Rio, an exceptional place, bathed in light, where contemporary art sets the scene. It's 3000 m² of space dedicated to corporate seminars in the heart of Paris.

Our role is first of all to look after our talent, because happy talent makes happy customers.

In this continuity, to make our participants live an exceptional moment in a warm and professional atmosphere where everything is thought for comfort.

I have been passionate about this human adventure for almost 6 years.

- On what occasions can we work together with Châteauform'? Can you tell us what smartmeeting is?

Today, Châteauform' has 70 locations offering inspiring and functional spaces that can be adapted to all types of events.

 In the city or in the countryside; for study days or company parties; workshops or trade fairs, general meetings, product launches or for hybrid projects.

I believe there is always an opportunity to enjoy a magical experience that balances productivity and well-being.

- What is the meaning of the phrase "Making the connection for you"?

Our participants appreciate all the added warmth we can provide, but they don't have time to enjoy the "home from home" experience. Finally, creating links is about human interaction. Because working side by side every day does not mean that you have really met, that you have created a bond.

Everything is designed to encourage encounters, shared emotions, collective intelligence and the creation of links.

The more the world becomes digital, the more humans need to be connected.

- What are the values you share with 23Beauty Paris?

- Love for the customer

- Rigour and performance

And of course

-Dare, always dare.

- Why supporting entrepreneurs is important to you

Once again, supporting entrepreneurship means supporting the human adventure. You need daring and audacity to launch yourself.

It is important for me to support the will to create, especially when it is socially and environmentally friendly.

Fatine Nejmi (Châteauform') and Virginie Bapaume (23beauty Paris)

- Let's talk about beauty! You and nail polish, what are your favourite colours?

Ahhh me and nail polish, a great love story. I'm a fan of chic and sober, so for colours it's usually light, cream, malaga or red.

- What is your relationship with your hands?

I pay particular attention to the care of my hands and give them as much importance as my hair and skin. The hands

- How can I contact you to work with you and Châteauform'?

Our Seminar Advisors can provide you with information on all our houses in France and Europe as well as on all our Châteauform' experiences. All our teams are at your disposal and will be happy to answer all your questions on 01 79 35 35 35

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