23Beauty Paris is in Toulouse! Discover Kinkela Wax

23Beauty Paris is now available in Toulouse! You can find all our vegan nail polishes at Kinkela Wax. A concept store that shares our values and in which we are very happy to be. Surrounded by brands to impact, we invite you to visit it if you are not too far, in order to discover the whole universe of this unique place. Today, we let the floor to its founder, Emma Boloko!

- Can you pleases introduce yourself ?
I'm Emma Boloko, from Toulouse and Congolese origin. Woman of challenge, mother, curious about life, always with a smile. I am said to be true and generous. I have several activities, commercial, operational management consultant and entrepreneur with my brand Kinkela, which I created the brand Kinkela in 2015.
- What is the concept of Kinkela? Where can we find you?

The brand Kinkela is a colorful brand around wax. Our desire is to color the dressing room, the house of our customers. The color brings joy, life. You can find us at 232 avenue de grande Bretagne 31300 Toulouse.


- Can you tell us about your news?
We have private sales in November and a Christmas market in our store from 3/12 to 17/12 with lots of designers. For more information follow us on facebook and instagram.
- What is your relationship with your hands and nails (do you love them, is it important....)?
I love my hands and nails. It's a part of the body that I particularly like. You can see a lot through a person's hands.
 - What is your favorite color to wear on your nails?
Red of course, my favorite color.


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